Sunday, July 24, 2011

PART III: Billy suggests little more new words

Continuation from PART II: Billy suggests some more new words 

and  PART I: Billy suggests some new words

41. The act of worshipping pointless animals such as cats and cows in ancient Egypt and modern India respectively.

42. To determine the exact amount of tolerance and patience limit of your significant other.

43. The delusion suffered by the masses that their vote will put somebody good into office for once.
44. The feeling of being slightly annoyed, but cannot pinpoint the reason.

45. Sneezing more than thrice in a row, thus appearing as a seasoned head-banger.

46. Moaning about the bleak fact of self-induced obesity while munching on a BigMac.

47. Strangers offering you unsolicited advice when least expected on pointless and meaningless aspect of your pointless and meaningless life.

48. Misguided optimism when buying a can of Pringles, only to find that they are broken into sub-atomic fragments.

49. The questionable white stains left on your crotch while eating a Subway sandwich.
50. The act of living through the torture in a trans-Atlantic flight because the batteries in your iPod died soon after take-off.

51. Unfortunate ordeal of being behind a massive truck in a single lane road which you cannot overtake for the next 20 km.

52. The glare received from innocent by-standers when you fart in an elevator.

53. The moment your teacher hands you over a sealed letter addressed to your parents.

54. The bizarre phenomena of the handrails in the escalator traveling faster than the steps.

55. A cold so severe that it feels as though you are crapping your brains out of your nasal cavity.

56. The situation when nobody laughs at your joke you think is hilarious.

57. Waking up for the only morning class and impatiently waiting for 20 minutes, only to find out that it’s been cancelled.

58. The event of being mistaken for a celebrity whom you truly despise.

59. Annoying insistence of a vegetarian to eat only in strictly vegetarian restaurants.

60. The day when no one remembers your birthday.

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