Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Tribute To Rafael Benitez

Author's note: This is not my work so I can't take any credit for this.

A change, 2004, in our man came,
Uefa, and two La Ligas he'd claimed.
Rafael Benitez was the new man,
To win the league title, that was the plan.

Let's start from the top, new signings to come,
And out with a Judas, who later turned scum.
The first league campaign was no great success,
But please wait right there, while I tell you the rest.

The road was no easy towards Istanbul.
Some Greeks came traveling, Anfield was full.
Yet at half time, we're down in the dump,
But come 90 mins, we're back with a thump.

It was the Captain, who made us say wow,
Ya Beauuuty, take a bow son, take a bow.
Thats the group stages done, off they could trot,
Ready and confident, to take on the lot.

First were the Germans, six was the sum,
Lil Luis scored most, sucking his thumb.
Next some Italians, based in Turin,
Beaten by Luis, with help from big Finn.

Next came opponents back on home soil,
By the end of the game, tempers reached boil.
Did it go over? We'll never know,
What was to follow, thats just Mourinho.

Ghost goal maybe, but we didn't care,
Off to Istanbul, Milan waiting there.
First half was poor, and not without blunder,
But at 45, Rafa worked wonders.

Up till the pens, lead by a hero,
The score rose to three, from a pitiful zero .
Then came the pens, fans didn't dare look,
But those brave boys, good penalties they took.

And when that great Pole, saved from Shevchenko,
It cued the party, Liverpool went mental. 

So what a tale, and thats what you can achieve,
When you have that special man, who makes you believe.
So walk on Rafa, good luck, conquer the seas,
Because in our red hearts, you always shall be.

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